Q & A with Philip Boehm of Upstream Theater’s “Sweet Revenge”

Upstream Theater’s Sweet Revenge opened last week to stellar reviews, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to discuss the production with director and translator Philip Boehm. The play, a popular Polish comedy, is presented as the first performance in Upstream’s 13th season.

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Interview with Community Arts Festival Organizer Paige Walden-Johnson

When Paige Walden-Johnson and Rain Stippec met at Webster University, they were taking the same freshman psychology class and became fast friends before they ever danced together. Rain, who was on crutches for an injury that spanned her whole first semester in Webster’s dance program, needed help carrying her books up the stairs to class. Now, Paige is supporting her…

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St. Lou Fringe Review: On the Exhale

On the Exhale production art / Photo via Metrotix

The relationship between actor and audience member is strikingly vulnerable in a half-full black box; you cannot escape each other’s gaze and attention and wandering thoughts. On the Exhale, produced and performed by 2016 Fringemeister Elizabeth Ann Townsend, expertly leverages this sense of nakedness in its brisk 60 minutes.

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St. Lou Fringe Review: The Everest Game by The Midnight Company

The Everest Game production art / Photo via The Midnight Company

The Everest Game, frankly, comes across largely as self-insert Beatles fan fiction. An aging Beatles lover –played by Everest playwright Joe Hanrahan – has an encounter with a genie in a lamp, goes back in time to convince the band to stay together, and because they do, marijuana is legalized worldwide, the Vietnam war comes to a peaceful end in early 1970, all the religions of…

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St. Lou Fringe Review: SNOW WHITE by ERA

SNOW WHITE production art / Photo via ERA Theatre

I have to admit, I’m not quite sure what SNOW WHITE was about. Almost certainly, it was not the story you’re thinking of. In this adaptation — which incorporates academic theory on performance, capitalism, alienation, and democracy; a somewhat murky parody of Donald Trump; a monologue on reparations for white supremacy and the enslavement of Black people; and a sexualized reading of…

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St. Lou Fringe Review: Shakespeare’s Women or the Bard’s Broads

St. Lou Fringe  is here and perfectly full of the energy of hundreds of theatre people ready for a weekend of weird and wonderful short plays.  Last night, I attended the first performance of Shakespeare’s Women or The Bard’s Broads, produced by because why not? theatre co. When the evening started with a charming, already-exhausted, Fringe staffer introducing the wrong play,…

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Four Shows I Want to See Produced in St. Louis

One of my favorite things about the St. Louis theatre scene is how many local companies produce new, exciting, challenging work. And, as many theatre companies in the metro area are non-profits playing in small spaces, there is the opportunity to produce edgier work without the heightened pressure of filling hundreds and hundreds of seats in a huge performance space.

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The Rep Reveals 2017-2018 Studio Theatre Season

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis announced its upcoming Studio Theatre season on Monday. The series of plays performed in The Rep’s 125-seat black box space will include Heisenberg by Simon Stephens, October 25-November 12, 2017; Faceless by Selina Fillinger, January 17-February 4, 2018; and Caught by Christopher Chen, March 7-25, 2018.

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