About Us

St. Louis has proven to have a strong community of Theater Lovers and with so many Community and Educational Theater programs, it’s sometimes hard to make the neccessary connections. Here at St. Louis Limelight Theater, we will work hard to build and grow that relationships with the theaters and give easier access to the general public who might want to get involved, whether by attending shows or getting involved in theater. We will do this by keep you up-to-date on upcoming productions and auditions. We will also attend as many productions as we can to provide an in-depth review of shows that are being performed in and around the city and so much more.

With a strong writing staff of people that love the arts, you will be able to connect with us and learn about the growing trend of theater in our area.

Follow us, keep in touch, and contact us with any questions, concerns, and suggestions. This magazine is for you, the people of St. Louis. So let us know what you want to see and read.