Touring ‘Chicago” brings its jazzy razzle-dazzle to the Fox

Broadway’s record-breaking spectacular “Chicago” returned to the Fox in rare form. The popular Tony-winning revival lived up to its reputation with thrilling razzle-dazzle, especially its signature dancing. First on Broadway in 1975, this touring “Chicago,” based on the 1996 revival, takes us back to the 1920s. Roxy Hart, an adulterous housewife, kills her lover. With the help of a sleazy…

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Commentary: When is a Standing Ovation Warranted?

Standing ovations are considered the greatest form of admiration after an extraordinary performance. These days, however, the audiences often stand up during the curtain call. What does this mean as an ultimate gesture of respect? Is every performance or performer worthy of this honor just because they are on stage?

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The not-so-ordinary ‘The Humans’ dives deep into fears, anxieties

Director Steve Woolf cagily staged it on The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis’ mainstage to present a seemingly normal family gathering for Thanksgiving.  However, the Blakes’ Hallmark card snapshot might not be so typical this year. Pry underneath, and the complications suit a Margaret Mead anthropological study.

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